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zvaguce 25.01.2015 17:30

babysitting [pay rates]

What is the average/normal deal to pay for an hour of babysitting in Switzerland?
I am not talking about full time position but for babysitting on occasional basis.
Cheers ;-)

auburnCH 09.02.2015 18:47

Re: babysitting
It ranges between 15 - 25 chf per hour, depending on the skill level of the babysitter and age of child.

deutschmaad 11.02.2015 05:10

Re: babysitting [pay rates]
20-30chf per hour for anyone over 18 with exexperience and/or qualifications.

Wallabies 11.02.2015 06:44

Re: babysitting [pay rates]
Anything between 15-30CHF an hour from age 14

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