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Darkira 09.02.2015 15:52

RAV - Muttershaftsurlaub (maternity leave)

My baby was born one month after I entered/registered in RAV, now I'm in the 14 weeks of maternity leave, my advisor (personal beratung) made me an appointment in januar and now another one for 5 days before de maternity leave ends, my questions are:

1. if I am in de maternity leave period why do I have to go to this appointments? I think if I am in the maternity leave, I shouln't have to go anywhere...can anybody explain me that?

2. Can I go to my country in this period without saying nothing?

3. after the maternity leave how many days do I have the right to go on holydays?

4. My personalberatung wants that I work 5 days after the maternity leave, because I'm searching job at 100%, and she wants to test me, If I can handle it, can I refuse? can I tell her that I just want to make 3 days of test, for example?

thank you all.

eireann 11.02.2015 21:42

Re: RAV - Muttershaftsurlaub (maternity leave)
If I recall there is a certain period whereby you have to start looking for jobs again before the end of the maternity leave period. They should have given you a timeline of what's expected, when you are free, when you have to start looking again etc.

I'm not sure about travel, but I think during the maternity period you are not under control, so it should be fine.

After the holidays you receive 5 days holidays every 3 months. You can save them, but you must use a block of 5 days - e.g. 5, 10, 15 days (not including weekends). You cannot just take 1 or 2 days holidays for example.

Your adviser can propose as they wish, and you have to accept (or be fined). If you plan to go back to work at 100%, then you should be able to (that's their reasoning, and the assumption they're paying you for). However, it seems a harsh thing to do from the outset. Have they a job lined up for you?

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