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dan2k3k4 30.04.2015 10:04

Company Chômage / Administration ?
Hey all,

My company just announced that it basically has no money left (there are still lots of work contracts to do but no new contracts bringing in enough money), so they will enter administration and we'll have to work 60% but get paid around 90% of our salary [not sure yet as it's not final], anyway it seems we would be paid 60% of our actual salary and the rest would be paid by the chômage :msncrazy:

Has anyone had to go through this before ? As far as I know, we would all have to look for 40% contract jobs too but I do software/web programming so I should be able to find freelance and/or possibly just a bigger 100% contract, however some of my colleagues are in a specific domain and I doubt they'd be able to find a 40% contract [let alone a 100% one] easily.

Anyway, what should I look out for ? I'm British with a B permit and have an indefinite contract with the company. I've been working with them for about 2 and half years.

Thanks in advance

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