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PrenzlauerBerg 04.08.2015 22:09

Wage for experienced content manager
Hi all,

After searching through the forum, I can see that salary questions are very common. So... Sorry for boring everyone! But here goes nothing...

I'm currently working as an online content manager in Berlin. I have 5+ years of experience and a pretty good track record in what I do.

I've been invited to attend an interview for a position in Zurich, but prior to the meeting I've been asked about my salary expectations.

I know that the wage I am on in Berlin is reasonable, but obviously Zurich is a slightly different playing field.

It doesn't need to be exact, but does anyone know what would be a sensible number to pitch? I've scanned the web, but couldn't find any quoted salaries in Zurich for my position.


Sbrinz 04.08.2015 23:00

Re: Wage for experienced content manager

daffy99 04.08.2015 23:05

Re: Wage for experienced content manager

Originally Posted by PrenzlauerBerg (Post 2428707)
salary questions are very common.

... and answers will follow the theme of "below 120k CHF is below poverty line".

Tell you what? http://www.bfs.admin.ch/bfs/portal/d.../salarium.html is rather ok (and should be linked in some sticky which I have not bothered to check). At least OK enough to, well, poke you somewhere.

See, your very situation (whatever it might be) is so peculiar, so unique, as is the situation of your potential employer, that it is literally, totally, objectively, and subjectively - impossible to make any useful statement at all. Sorry.

Your (objective - hah!) value propositions, your ability to sell yourself, your ability to negotiate, the pressure experienced by potential employer to get a task done (and your employer's skills in negotiating), location, age, gender, skin colour (reality check, sorry, not value statement), your education, your cat, dog, your muesli. All of that. And more. That will determine your income. Totally pointless, totally unfair, totally unjustified.

Welcome To The Real World Of 6bn People Planet Earth.

(PS: The answer is 42.)

PrenzlauerBerg 05.08.2015 08:41

Re: Wage for experienced content manager
Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'll try my best to negotiate the calculator :)

I know it can be a unique question, but I was kind of hoping rule of thumb. In Berlin, for example, I would say 25-30,000 for 0-3 years experience, 30-35,000 for 3-5... 35,000-40 for 5+...

Maybe I'll just triple that and hope for the best ;)


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