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digitsclimb 03.11.2015 07:07

RAV Benefits living in Swiss working abroad
My company may move headquarter to another European country. My family is here and my spouse has a great role. So if I were to move with the company I would commute during the week, working in another country.

Is it possible to still collect (also pay into) the RAV system if you work abroad? I have read on some posts that people coming from other European nations get some reciprocity and the other way.

I would be happy to continue to pay the tax for the benefit.

Or is it possible to buy this insurance privately?


Mullhollander 03.11.2015 08:06

Re: RAV Benefits living in Swiss working abroad
If you remain on the company's Swiss payroll and continue paying into the ALV (unemployment insurance), you would be covered by it in case of unemployment. If you are transferred to the payroll of the company's new HQ abroad, you would no longer be insured under Swiss ALV but would likely be insured by the unemployment scheme in the employer's new country.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no possibility to be insured under the Swiss ALV if you are not on the Swiss payroll of your company.

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