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miniMia 04.11.2015 17:10

Re: What is wrong with my applications from abroad?

Originally Posted by Capo (Post 2479093)
Well, I think it's not the norm, perhaps true for IT...

BUT in many industries (e.g. investment banking), to fulfill front office positions, education is the first item that many recruiter will use as cut-off.

Sure. I was just giving an example of how I'm dealing with my current recruiting efforts. I'm Not hiring an IT person.

I do know several people in IT who have no degrees only lots of certificates. My guess is they are older than the OP. Hiring practices change as the employment environment changes.

When I moved to Switzerland before the Free Movement treaty practically anyone with a work permit found a job quickly. Not so anymore as the pool of candidates is enormous!

nickatbasel 04.11.2015 22:37

Re: What is wrong with my applications from abroad?
Your problem is a lot of these roles are being offshored, nearshored, rebatched, outsourced etc etc. Your best bet is to approach the outsource companies - Swisscom, Wipro, Cognizant as they supply such folks to the banks etc.

In the kinds of roles you are mentioning, in the big banks and pharma companies you might survive in English but it depends on the individual team very often. Companies like SBB, Swisscom you are more likely to need local languages.

Your skills also seem a little outdated. Win2003 is End Of Life though there are still legacy setups around. Win2012 is slowly taking over from Win2008.


Originally Posted by Paxton (Post 2478339)
Australia is tough for anyone, so I have heard :)

I do have both Australian and Italian citizenship so I hold an EU passport...

I come from a windows background with experience in Server 2003 and 2008 (server administration) and although I completed a course in Maintaining, Configuring and managing windows 2008 I don't have the MCSA or similar. I am still wondering whether to do this or not. I have my ITIL and of course extensive experience in tech support for all windows operating systems. I started out in customer support, moving on to technical support, account management and system support for JP morgan, Fortis and the like and then onto server administration and then my last role.

My last role was as a NOC engineer was a summation of all my experience, client-facing and technical as we had to do both and work with all parties involved from the clients to development to the upper management as well as troubleshooting any issues our monitoring picked up, logging issues, ect. I was also responsible for all the IT procurement and management for our department so this was good experience also. NOC roles are difficult to come by though it seems and it's a very particular set of skills that are required. This is what gives me the idea that I might stand out from others and although there are few NOC jobs about, not everyone can provide the skills required.

If no degree is not a show-stopper then I am in with some chance. I do speak French and Italian so these might help. My German is coming along but not good enough for any type of business conversation. In holland, Dutch was not required for many companies and I was hoping there might be similarly relaxed companies in Switzerland. I have read stories (forum threads, ect) that suggest this is the case.

sorry, what is a B permit?

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