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AshikaLuca 27.04.2017 15:36

Zwischenzeugnis in Switzerland
Hi Everyone

I would like to ask a question about "Zwischenzeugnis", also called reference letter?

So I am Australian working in Sydney, there is a role I applied for in Zurich. I have submitted my CV, cover letter, education and qualification certificate. However should I also include a copy of "Zwischenzeugnis", I guess this is a reference letter provided by my current and previous employers?

The problems is I don't really have any of them. I guess in Sydney it's very common to provide HR a Reference Contact Lists, most of the HR just call my previous boss chat about 30mins to find our more about my performance, responsibilities and achievement. So I never asked for any.

Is Zwischenzeugnis a MUST HAVE when apply jobs in Switzerland (Maybe in Germany as well)? Will they accept the alternative to call my referees and chat about my experiences?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

st2lemans 27.04.2017 15:39

Re: Zwischenzeugnis in Switherland
It doesn't exist outside of Switzerland, so they really won't expect you to have one.


AshikaLuca 27.04.2017 15:46

Re: Zwischenzeugnis in Switherland
Thank you so much!!!

Treverus 27.04.2017 16:49

Re: Zwischenzeugnis in Switherland

Originally Posted by st2lemans (Post 2778178)
It doesn't exist outside of Switzerland, so they really won't expect you to have one.


It exists in Germany, Austria and many other parts of Europe. Just explain them that this isn't common in Australia and that you'd happily give them references to call as a background check if they want to make you and offer...

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