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ilk 01.09.2017 00:48

Get a part-time job easily
Hello, I am currently in High School and I need to get a part time job for summer as I need to get some money for personal goals :msngrin: . I am more into IT sphere and I would like the internship to be located near Zurich, Zug or Baar. I couldn't find anything on the internet after spending hours :msnmad: (some perfect internships are located too far away). Please help!


marischi 01.09.2017 01:06

Re: Get a part-time job easily
Next summer then? Early bird...

ilk 01.09.2017 01:09

Re: Get a part-time job easily
I know it's too early but I know that I won't have a lot of time to plan before summer.

Samaire13 01.09.2017 17:37

Re: Get a part-time job easily
There's a difference between a summer job and an internship. What is it you want exactly?

And you're WAY too early. It's fine you think about this well on time rather than come here in late June crying for help - but 10 months in advance is too early. No one will have any jobs on offer now and if they do (because they do every year, for example), it is highly unlikely anyone will look at your application or you at this point. I doubt anyone can help with anything here right now.

Guest 01.09.2017 19:01

Re: Get a part-time job easily
Also, at the risk of weeing on your strawberries, you may have to put in more time than "Hours". Looking for a job is no easy thing - and finding a job "easily" is a tad unrealistic, I think.

That having been said - keep your options open and keep looking and I hope it works out for you.

ilk 01.09.2017 19:43

Re: Get a part-time job easily
Got it, thanks

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