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Biddino 16.09.2017 20:04

St. Moritz Marketer Salaries
Hello everyone,

I've been a longtime lurker on this site preparing myself for a move to Switzerland and an interesting opportunity might have presented itself now.

I've been many times to Switzerland and have explored various regions and find the Engadin region just breathtaking. Luckily, I have been offered a post at a global 5-star hotel in St. Moritz. It would be an entry-level marketing coordinator post. The offer I got was 53900 Gross/Year (including 13. month).

I made various calculations, researched the internet and on this forum and would like to ask if someone maybe has any information about salaries for marketers in St. Moritz within the hotel industry.

My first instinct was that it's a low offer, but I had a very good feeling from the employer, they seemed correct during our talks and the rest of the package (vacation, housing possibility (in the range of 500-700 chf)) seemed also ok.

During my research I did find that the hotel industry has some of the lowest wages, so I'm not entirely sure whether the offer "is" low or appropriate.

I don't want to set myself up as the employee that was a "great bargain", so I was hoping, perhaps, to get some insights from folks around here.

I greatly appreciate all the feedback in advance!

Samaire13 16.09.2017 20:07

Re: St. Moritz Marketer Salaries
Sounds about right for an entry-level job in hospitality.

blackbird 16.09.2017 20:41

Re: St. Moritz Marketer Salaries
The hotel industry in St.moritz depends heavily on italian workers, who commute daily, because the earnings are not quiet as high as for example in zurich.
Because the hotels in that area have only 2 seasons (winter and summer), most contracts are limited, so wokers do not get a permit B easily.

Biddino 16.09.2017 21:07

Re: St. Moritz Marketer Salaries
Thanks guys for your replies, appreciate the feedback!

This would be a back-office gig with a permanent employment contract (all year round), so a B permit would be sponsored, and in my case (French citizen) would probably be a formality that would incur a registration fee at the regional administration office.

Meerkat33 17.09.2017 04:40

Re: St. Moritz Marketer Salaries
If you can really get housing for 500-700 chf it doesn't sound bad at all.

Biddino 17.09.2017 10:55

Re: St. Moritz Marketer Salaries
Thanks Meerkat33!

According to my calculations I would be receiving around 3600 Net/Month.
So in addition to the rent and including further deductions (health insurance, phone/internet, groceries and co) I would be left with around 1800-1600 chf at my free disposal.

Would this be considered alright or rather low?

Samaire13 17.09.2017 11:07

Re: St. Moritz Marketer Salaries
Of course it's not luxury. But you are entry-level AND it is hospitality, an industry that generally tends to pay somewhat lower salaries, relatively speaking.

As said, normal salary in your circumstances, you are unlikely to get more in a comparable job anywhere else. 1600-1800 at free disposal is absolutely enough.

blackbird 17.09.2017 11:12

Re: St. Moritz Marketer Salaries
The staff housing of the hotels are mostly pretty small studios, sometimes with combined facilities (Kitchen and Showers/WC).

Biddino 17.09.2017 13:11

Re: St. Moritz Marketer Salaries
Thanks guys, so it does seem like a fair offer.

Thanks blackbird for the info regarding the staff housing. I will definitely need to get more info about that from the employer.

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