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mattvev 27.03.2019 14:51

English Teaching in Vaud
Hello All,

This is my first post on this forum, please excuse the length and any unintended breaks with protocol. I am a 40-year-old American male recently relocated to Vevey on account of my non-EU wife's work in Lausanne. We are currently living here on a long-term L visa, which we've been told is likely to be converted to a B after two years (I understand this is not a certainty). My dependent status doesn't permit me to work absent sponsorship. While I wait, I am considering getting credentialed for my next career move (which, assuming the B comes through, would be in CH) and wanted to see if anyone here might be able to offer some advice.

I have a BA in English Literature, law degree from a US university and a masters of law from a European university. My work background is kind of eclectic; I spent a few years working as a jurist (unlicensed lawyer) in France and the last seven years as a political journalist in South America.

I'm now considering doing some type of training (either CELTA or an MA in English or both) to prepare me to teach either at a language school or, preferably, an international school. I've taught a few semesters of US law at a European university, but don't have much teaching experience beyond that. I'm weighing this path against other certifications that might put me back on the law track.

I'm curious if anyone can point me to stats or provide a personal perspective on the ESL market in Switzerland, particularly in Vaud (Vevey, Montreux, Lausanne) and/ or Bern. Is the market too crowded? Anyone seeing a strong demand for some type of specialized (law, business, etc.) English training?

I don't need to be the primary breadwinner of our three-person household, but would like to find something that earns enough to make it interesting (and something that would justify the high cost of local CELTA training [though I know it is cheaper elsewhere]). I am leaning this way because I believe it may be more rewarding (not necessarily in the monetary sense) and offer more flexibility than a legal gig in Geneva. I realize I could strike out on my own right of the bat, but would prefer to spend some years cutting my teeth in a school.

I've seen a lot of threads on teaching in public schools in CH, but a lot of confusion on what is actually required to qualify. If anyone knows of a comprehensive source on that issue, that too would be great.


Guest 27.03.2019 15:50

Re: English Teaching in Vaud
Hi and welcome.

Just addressing the last bit of your post: www.edk.ch is, I believe, the go- to website for sorting out teaching qualifications. To teach in Swiss public schools you'll need a Swiss teaching qualification or you'll need to have a relevant teaching qualification from another country officially recognised. CELTA wouldn't cut it in a school AFAIK for teaching English and there are lots of English teachers in Switzerland. Most international schools also want recognised teaching qualifications plus experience.

I can't help with the law bit but again I'd assume it to be Swiss law that you'd need to know about.

Best of luck

MusicChick 27.03.2019 15:55

Re: English Teaching in Vaud
US BA in Am. Literature will not be recognized by CDIP as a fed recognized English teaching degree for public schools.

BLP 28.03.2019 00:39

Re: English Teaching in Vaud

Originally Posted by MusicChick (Post 3055930)
US BA in Am. Literature will not be recognized by CDIP as a fed recognized English teaching degree for public schools.

Knowing english is also not a pre req at my kids schools :rolleyes:

OP it's not easy to get a job here teaching english I've found.

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