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Some very few people are born in a pool of Vitamin B and they grow up eating it on a silver spoon for breakfast, lunch and supper. Those, however, are the minority.

The rest have to build up their own supply of Vitamin B.

Therefore, if you don't have any, then make some, using every avenue you know, and then learn about some new ways to go about approaching people. Do the hard slog of research and contacting and building connections.

Yes, exactly this.
That is very true. Many thanks for this input. I think the issue with me also is that I am a bit impatient and stressed about the bills etc. Building such networks takes time and need to be done in a slow and steady fashion.

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Yes, I know that some language school fees are expensive. However, there are many ways to learn German that are free or cheap.

Have a look through this forum. The search function isn't ideal, and you'll probably get better results from googling, outside of the forum, for example:
englishforum "learn german".

Here, for example, all the courses are free:
This is amazing with some self study books and following such a plan I think it will be as easy as paying the CHF 600 per month in a language school. Thanks for this contribution once again.

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How many people do you think will easily get a job in a Big 4 without knowing anyone, in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world? Jup. Very few. It's highly competitive to begin with (for reasons I may never understand), so unless you a) have a huge amount of luck, b) have something that makes you stand out from the pack or c) jep, now someone to open the first door for you, then yes, it is difficult. Of course you can now keep trying or tell yourself beggars can't be choosers and try to find a job somewhere else that could eventually serve as a stepping stone into one of the Big 4s, if that's where you want to be.
Of course i have not been only focused on the big fours. i have tried other smaller companies still to no avail. Readapting the CV now for other sectors as well.

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Yes it is possible. I didn't know how lucky I was at the time, but I was.

I came to Switzerland with an education & decent career experience...but not in finance, consulting or pharma. I continued to send my CV to all of the major companies without success.

At my first job, the hiring manager received a large stack of CV's, handed the pile over to her assistant, and asked her to invite whoever answered their phone in for an interview. I was at happy hour, decided to answer my phone anyway...and the rest is history. I have been hired at three major industry companies since without knowing someone in the company first...it can happen!

Best of luck!
This very uplifting. Thank you Susie, it just goes a long way to say that keep trying since i may never know the lucky day. That i will continue doing.

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Your problem isn't who you don't know. It is what you don't know. Why should a big 4 in CH hire someone directly out if school who isn't fluent in German?

I've had a pretty good career in Switzerland so far and can honestly say this is the country where Vitamin B is of the least importance in my experience. What counts in Switzerland is German, experience, personality and education. Pretty much in that order.
Hi Tilia, many thanks for your input. But German comes even before experience? I have had contacts in the consulting industry who basically tell me not to learn German that i will not need it since they only work with multinationals and international companies who mostly use English. How true is that in practice or it varries from company to company?

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