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lanzale 06.01.2020 22:53

Freelance IT specialist
Hi guys,

I was offered a freelance position for a company doing projects for the airport in Geneva. Position: Tibco BW6 engineer (middleware Java based framework, perfect for integrating systems)

My question is, whats the daily rate that makes sense?

Im specialist in TIBCO BW6 (certified), and I have 5 years of experience in the integration field. I have a master in computer science. In my current role Im senior Analyst in this technology.

After researching in blogs and internet, I found this number fairly good: 1200 CHF/day

However, I would be moving with my family (wife and baby), and even though the idea is my wife to start working again soon, I would like to picture the scenario of one income at home.

The agency havent mentioned anything about extra benefits.

Thanks for the help!

Dandy 07.01.2020 19:56

Re: Freelance IT specialist
Must be good stuff you smoke ! https://www.englishforum.ch/images/buttons/quote.gif

NotAllThere 08.01.2020 08:41

Re: Freelance IT specialist
I'd struggle to get that (though by no means impossible), and I've nearly 30 years IT experience, and 20 within my current area, which is in fairly high demand.

lanzale 08.01.2020 08:56

Re: Freelance IT specialist
I was offered 750CHF for now, so i will tey to push a bit more. Anyways, its just an opportunity, i have steady job where i am. Thanks!

henk 08.01.2020 10:50

Re: Freelance IT specialist
would go for the 950 mark or slight above

lanzale 08.01.2020 10:53

Re: Freelance IT specialist
Yep, thats exactly what I thought.

henrikh 08.01.2020 11:06

Re: Freelance IT specialist
You won't have any problems even with 750 / day, even if your wife will not ever have a paid job.
(Especially if you're willing to live on the French side, and commute to the airport. But you don't have to.)

lanzale 08.01.2020 11:09

Re: Freelance IT specialist
750 pre tax, they have to provide the fees and stuff. I think is a good rate, im internal employee now and I can only dream on those numbers... so we will see.

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