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ichhabeeinefrage 10.01.2020 12:50

Freelancing (?) on a B permit
Hi all,

I'm currently employed with a B permit and I've been approached by a foreign company (EU) to do some software development for them.

I would like to charge them on an hourly basis, where I would work some 6 hours per week on their project, from home.

The problem is I have no idea of how to go about this, law/tax-wise... Do I need to create a company?

Could someone point me to relevant information on this?


Mullhollander 10.01.2020 12:57

Re: Freelancing (?) on a B permit
Please see post #2 in this recent thread:


eireann 10.01.2020 23:53

Re: Freelancing (?) on a B permit
Contact the AVS/AHV for information.

It's not necessary to form a company unless you want to.

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