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TheLaughingCow 21.01.2020 11:32

How to get a referral / Zeugnis when leaving country
Hi everyone ,

Due to extenuating circumstances ( terminal family member ), myself and my family are leaving . I had to give notice to my employer in December, and then we left using the December holiday break. I told the employer I would be back in January.

They requested that company items not in use be returned for an end of year inventory. So, I returned the items before leaving in December.

I asked for a referral letter at this time. After the request to give back company items, I haven't heard anything from my employer.

They also haven't paid me the salary for December, and I've e-mailed them about this with no response.

Today, I've e-mailed the employer again about the Zeugnis and the final salary.

I figure they are legally required to pay the final salary, and will probably do it with this months pay. So, I'm not too concerned about that.

However, what are my rights for a referral if they choose to just not give me one ? From what I've read on the forum they should, even if it's a terrible one, BUT it sounds like that's only if you're seeking further employment in Switzerland?

I would write one myself and ask them to sign it, but I'm just not getting any response. How long should I continue to ask them about it ?

Cheers and thanks

Guest 21.01.2020 11:39

Re: How to get a referral / Zeugnis when leaving country
Having read the forum about similar problems, I would forget about using email and resort to sending registered letters with a realistic deadline.

Sorry, I don't have any concrete advice but just picked up that companies tend to take note more of something they have to acknowledge and sign for more than an easily deletable email.

TheLaughingCow 21.01.2020 11:50

Re: How to get a referral / Zeugnis when leaving country
Thanks, good point. I always forget that everything needs to be done by registered post :)

That will be my next step then, if I still receive no response.

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