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Pigpen 24.01.2020 10:33

ADHD / TDAH / Neurodiversity in the Swiss workplace
Hi, Iíve had some comments about my manner at work which would seem to be related to ADHD (which I have). As these could be interpreted as performance issues, I need to disclose my condition to management (I actually already did so before I moved here but it seems to have been disregarded). Whatís the situation with ADHD (and other neurodiverse conditions) here - are they covered by any legislation? Might my employer help with any adjustments if needed? Do they have an obligation to do so?

Guest 24.01.2020 10:55

Re: ADHD / TDAH / Neurodiversity in the Swiss workplace
I can't help re legislation but... have you clarified exactly what it is about your manner that may be causing concern? Is it something you can maybe recognise you are/are not doing and put strategies in place? Meeting folk halfway isn't a bad start. Rhetorical qu. Btw, no need to say on here.

Presumably you have transitioned through a decent amount of education and training and in different environments so the (often) organisational/focus/ transitional issues you have learned to mitigate?

Maybe ask HR in the first instance? But bear in mind they don't work for you.
Good luck.

Traubert 24.01.2020 11:14

Re: ADHD / TDAH / Neurodiversity in the Swiss workplace
This is an interesting question.

I was recently and almost accidentally diagnosed and I'm in my 40s. Getting a diagnosis helped me make sense of my behavior (Bi Polar, Obsessive, Impulsive etc) both internal and socially.
I suffered because of this and it had a detrimental effect on my social and professional relationships. I came to be known as impulsive and a little brutal, but I got by on the merit of my work. I survived because I was capable.

I recently went through a series of changes, losing my job of 10 years, being diagnosed as bipolar with Pure O and impulsive behaviour, I am just about deaf and recently got hearing aids (my deafness contributed to the perception of me both socially and professionally).

I'm on ADHD meds (Concerta) and they changed my life. The diagnosis helped, firstly to accept and understand very old mechanisms, and the meds helped me work with them.

I went through a bumpy period of having to start a new job after 10 years with the same employer, who I see now would never have allowed or accepted me to change, and although my new employer was very understanding, the transition was rough.

I now have a new employer and I'm straight up with them. This is who I am, this can be a strength, use me wisely :-)

I'm lucky in that they recognise it and strangely appreciate it. My lead knows that I will obsess down a certain path, or go off piste if you like, but he sees that as a strength and knows when to pull me back or reign me in. Similarly he knows when to remove restraint and let me do my thing.

I was clear with this new job and colleagues and let them know that I have certain tendencies. There is no shame, in fact I feel that by this stage, I've earned it.
So, what I would do is firstly seek treatment and support. I can recommend a wonderful Dr and institute (BrainARC in Zurich, who specialize in ADHD and neuro conditions). Once you have treatment , an optimal medicine regimen and their support, you will feel more at ease and can refer to them.

I would avoid making a big deal out of it or painting as an impediment, but keep your employer or manager aware of it, without making it sound like you're a crazy person.

There is also Congitive Behavioral Therapy and other tools, methods or drugs that can help you cope and gain control.

On another note, I discovered Pilates, which is all about focus, precision and control. I have been doing it seriously and privately for a 2-3 years and I have to say, it is my greatest help. My obsessive behaviour found a home, I both exercise and exorcise it, and it in turn has helped me find calm, focus and control. We can learn to identify and cognitively choose to change our patterns. I discovered that change can happen through movement, and movement heals. Look at all of yourself, don't isolate your conditions from your own self.

If you'd like to talk, PM me and if you'd like the name of the best ADHD doc in town let me know.

NickGB 25.01.2020 11:37

Re: ADHD / TDAH / Neurodiversity in the Swiss workplace
Thanks Traubert for probably the best post that I have read here.

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