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flavios 12.02.2020 11:40

Alv & alv2
Hi Everyone,

I noticed in the payslips there are two records that state ALV for an amount of 12350 and then an ALV2 with a variable amount for each month.

Looking on the internet seems those are related to the unemployment stuff, so my question regards the famous 70/80% of unemployment, will the amount be calculated on the ALV insurance amount, the ALV2, or the sum of both?

Thanks for any feedback!

flavios 20.02.2020 11:25

Re: Alv & alv2
I was able to gather the information from my side.

Basically the ALV is the amount which is paid to cover the maximum insurable part of 12350 of your salary.

ALV2 is a kind of solidarity surcharge, sort of another tax for kind of high-income individual (have to see having 12350 gross monthly can be considered high-income anyway, here in CH of course).

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