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crswmcj 14.02.2020 05:54

Spouse employment with residence permit
I will be starting a PhD position in June at Zurich, and will be bringing along my spouse on residence permit. We are both Singaporeans (non-EU, non-EFTA).

I understand that for any foreigner to find a job, the company must prove that there is no Swiss/EU resident who can fulfill the same role (or something along those lines). Does this requirement apply similarly if my spouse already has a residence permit? Does having a residence permit make the job finding any easier?

Also, from now till June, should my spouse be trying to find a job in Zurich on her own (from here in Singapore)? Or should we just wait till we're there?

Medea Fleecestealer 14.02.2020 06:58

Re: Spouse employment with residence permit
If you get a B permit, which is likely for a PhD I think, then she will be able to look for work without the non-EU hiring criteria applying.

And no, she should not look for work until her permit has been approved, otherwise she will be subject to the non-EU hiring criteria.

If you get an L permit, then any employer would have to meet labour and market conditions before they would be able to hire her.

crswmcj 14.02.2020 07:05

Re: Spouse employment with residence permit
Thanks Medea. I've also heard about the non-EU criteria not applying from another friend, but we can't find any official documentation stating that. Would you happen to know a website to find that? Thanks!

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