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Curtiss 19.04.2020 12:23

Paid holidays and coronavirus
Good afternoon

I've been working for a year and half in a restaurant. I work on a hourly irregular basis. During the quarantine, I was supposed to get a week of paid holidays and and my boss cannot answer these two questions :

Will I receive my full kurzarbeit pay and my full holiday compensation or will my week of holiday influence my Kurzarbeit ?

Am I still saving money for my next holiday, if so on what basis ?

I hope my questions are clear enough, thank you for your answers.

Mullhollander 19.04.2020 13:07

Re: Paid holidays and coronavirus
A paragraph at the below link should help to explain 1. (translated):

"Holidays during short-time work
The employee may take holidays during short-time work. However, this must be paid 100% by the employer and may not be accounted for by short-time work."


For 2., you are still an employee, although the wages are being paid to your employer by the government. As an opinion, I would expect that your employer would set aside vacation pay based on the average number of hours and average pay for this period, which I think would be 80%, i.e., you wouldn't accrue as fast as before.

Good luck!

Curtiss 20.04.2020 09:22

Re: Paid holidays and coronavirus
Thanks a lot for your answer !

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