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joshmo 19.05.2020 16:52

Registering for RAV after terminating contract
Hi there,
You all seem so knowledgeable:-)
I would really appreciate some guidance/advice about what to do next.
My situation is this.........
I have just terminated my contract from work (zero hours contract) and am a little worried that I will probably not get a penny from RAV as a result???
Is this so?

Also, I have heard that there are alternative offices to RAV e.g UNIA that are more geared up for English speakers. Does anyone have experience with this?

Can anyone advise me what are the first steps with registering, I am grateful for any advice/ guidance on this subject.


Mullhollander 19.05.2020 17:22

Re: Registering for RAV after terminating contract
Following are two resources to learn more about RAV Swiss job service and related Arbeitslosenkassen payrolls (English):



For English translations of many RAV and Arbeitslosenkasse forms, please see this link:


Good luck with your job search!

EdwinNL 19.05.2020 17:29

Re: Registering for RAV after terminating contract
My best advice would be to redraw your cancellation and hand it in again the moment you found something else. You need really good groups to sack your own job and not get the maximum punishment from RAV.

BasP72 19.05.2020 21:38

Re: Registering for RAV after terminating contract
Best is to just go to the local RAV office and register. UNIA is not the same as RAV. RAV helps you (forcefully) to find a job, UNIA pays you your unemployment benefit. There are others that you can choose, but I have good experiences with UNIA.

As far as i know unemployment benefits are based on average earnings over the last 2 years.

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