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Bob Josh 29.12.2020 20:59

Finance/business jobs in Switzerland

I have a few questions regarding job market/salaries/opportunities.

I am about to finish my BSc, and was planning to do my masters in Sweden (SSE), but I fell in love with Switerland. Now my plan is start working in Switzerland either ways after masters, but I am not sure how well received SSE is in the swiss job market.
1, Should I rather go for St.Gallen? (master in either finance or economics)

2, How hard is it to get a job in this field for a fresh graduate? (I will have about 3-4 years of work experience as an intern by the time I finish my masters).

3, Is it realistic to expect around 100k gross a year for a starting salary? FP&analyst, business analyst, controller or something similar finance/data related field. (Basel or Zürich)

4, Where can I save more money? Basel or Zürich? Taxes are higher in Basel, while cost of living is about the same, rent+Germany being close is an advantage for Basel, but Zürich has higher salaries and less tax if I'm correct.

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