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Sileas 14.01.2021 09:39

Careers Advisers (for Psychology)
I did a quick search of this site for anything on careers advisers but couldn't see anything so not very hopeful about this! However, if anybody knows whether such a thing exists in Suisse Romande, please let me know.

I know which career I want, but the real difficulty is navigating what seems to be a total minefield in order to get there in Switzerland. I am retraining as a Psychologist, and I have a foreign degree. I know I must have this certified in Bern, but this is the only step I know. I have spent months fruitlessly contacting the FSP and the ASPEA to try and find out, but everybody is so unhelpful and I can't find a clear answer. I know I need postgraduate training in child and adolescent psychology, but whether this is school psychology or child and adolescent psychotherapy is confusing me. Moreover, I have quite specific circumstances and would essentially need some kind of part-time course, which I have no idea if it is even possible here in Switzerland. Given that I am working full time, studying part-time and trying to get my French from B2 to the C1 that I need at the moment as well, having someone to advise me would be really helpful, as I have so little time to navigate this and figure it out.

Does anybody know of any careers advisers that could help older adults? I'd be really grateful for any information or help!

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