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Verbier 14.06.2021 18:26

2021 CH Salary Calculator - USS/SGB
I saw that some of the previous salary calculators on EF were a bit old.

The SGB / USS (The Swiss trade union federation) has posted their salary calculator based on the 2018 Bundesamts für Statistik / Office fédéral de la statistique review of 2'000'000 salaries from 36'000 companies

Link then select FR/DE/IT: https://www.salaire-uss.ch/

You need to enter some info on you and your current job or job offer to get the numbers. I have not played around with it, but my guess is you might need to try a few variants to hone in on the "correct" salary details depending on the specific job/title etc. They also have a FAQ button that answers some of the general questions you may have.

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