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LORELEY 02.06.2009 19:28

A Doctor Needs Your Help Please !
Hello Everybody
I need your help please...

I am a 35 years old female doctor ( Specialist of General Surgery & Endoscopy ) living in İstanbul / Turkey. I am planning to move to Zurich and find a job there. My sister and her husband are living in Zurich for about 3 years and so I had a chance to visit Zurich last summer and fell in love with this great city.

I am sure that I have to pass lots of exams to work in my profession there and I think this would take a lot of time. Anyway I thought that I could also work in a healthcare products company such as Novartis...

But still dont know where to start my way ??!!!

I will be very happy if you help me about the issue with your precious comments my friends...

Thanks so much for your interest

nigelr 02.06.2009 19:34

Re: A Doctor Needs Your Help Please !
Try approaching the hospitals directly as they seem to be importing doctors (mainly from Germany by the looks of it). I think this is best because you are out of the EU and will need a company or hospital to get you a permit.

The last company I worked for (not medical) had a couple of guys from Turkey and the company didn't seem to have trouble getting a permit for them.

Good luck!!

LORELEY 02.06.2009 19:37

Re: A Doctor Needs Your Help Please !
Thank you so much for your comment & help Nigelr :)

Angela-74 05.07.2009 20:39

Re: A Doctor Needs Your Help Please !
Hi Loreley,

I am from outside the EU as well and also a doctor. My specialty nevertheless is epidemiology so I got a job at one of the big pharmaceutical companies here in Basel, that I started this week. My recommendation is: check the Novartis or Roche websites. THere are lots of postings for new positions. Good Luck!

Angela-74 05.07.2009 21:09

Re: A Doctor Needs Your Help Please !
SOrry I meant to say there are lots of new openings for new positions at those sites.

Good Luck!


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