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AnAustralian 10.04.2007 16:33

Moving to Switzerland from Australia and looking for IT/IS work
Hello everyone

Just to give you some background.

I am Australian, am married to a Swiss National, and have lived in Zurich for a year in 2004. I found it difficult to find work as a result of my poor german skills so we moved back to Australia to skill up. My german has not improved due to a busy schedule however I now have a dual Masters in Information Systems Management and Master of Business Administration, with excellent results in both degrees.

I am an experienced Project Manager and am skilled in Business Analysis, Product Management and Consulting in Information Systems, notably GIS systems and Asset Management Information Systems, although I also have experience in data migration, corporate system integration, training, change management, and relationship management.

I am a bit nervous about returning as last time I felt a bit out of depth and did not have as much experience as I do now. My german has not overly improved, but I am planning on working on this once I complete my studies later this year.

I am also considering Prince 2 Project Managment certification prior to returning.

I would appreciate your thoughts on my chances in the Swiss job marketplace later this year, and would also like your thoughts on applying for these kinds of jobs outside of Switzerland prior to returning.

I was burned once but love Switzerland so much and my wife is keen to spend time in her coutnry of origin.


Lou 10.04.2007 16:43

Re: Moving to Switzerland from Australia and looking for IT/IS work
I'm looking for a job right now and see plenty of ads searching for someone with your skills. There are quite a few other threads with link to job search sites & agencies, have a look at those and you will see for yourself what is available.

Lob 10.04.2007 17:07

Re: Moving to Switzerland from Australia and looking for IT/IS work
Prince 2, Sixth Sigma Black Belt Hai Karate - they're all very much in demand right now.

So doing little and spouting bollocks has a certificate to boot now ;)

http://jobsuche.monster.ch - but stay away from the ones I'm looking at ;)

Ashley 10.04.2007 17:14

Re: Moving to Switzerland from Australia and looking for IT/IS work
sounds like you are a jack of all trades.

In order to help, maybe you could give us an idea of what exactly you are looking for.

eg. Project Management ? BA ? Manager of Developers etc. Obviously you have many skills, but it might help us/you find a job.

In my experience you need to know what you want (even if you are flexible - don't say "I will take anything", it suggests lack of direction). Then if something pops up, one of us may think of you and send it your way.

Good luck from a fellow Aussie

BTW: German is not the be all and end all, although it helps. Many of the expat community get by with little or no German

BHBT 10.04.2007 17:37

Re: Moving to Switzerland from Australia and looking for IT/IS work
Hi Aussie,
Would fully agree with Ashley - it helps if you document a clear progression path in your CV, and have a clear goal in mind. Your qualifications will help, but it helps even more to have a well documented career path and recent practical experience to complement your degrees.

Would recommend PRINCE2 - it is well known and recognized here, and growing in Europe overall, but again, it helps even more if you can show practical experience in having applied the principles.

I tend to think that the jobs here are more tailored towards a particular skill set, then for a good general all-rounder.
We definitely are glad to have made the move here, wish lots of luck with your endeavours too.

AnAustralian 10.04.2007 23:49

Re: Moving to Switzerland from Australia and looking for IT/IS work
Thank you all for your replies.

I am doing some pretty heavy project management work at the moment so that would be an area I could extend in Switzerland.

Having said that I am open for new opportunities and would be interested in extending my MBA skills, such as working in account management and marketing, in particular for software companies, or would be interested in project management in the banking/chemical industries.

I have been keeping an eye on UBS, Swiss Re, Credit Swiss and a number of places that looking for english speakers.

When i was in Switzerland in 2004, there were very few english jobs, but when they arose they required specific skillls that I felt I did not have. Now with my education and additional experience I feel I am ready to move back but the language skills is still a concern. i will let you all know how I go! Thanks again.

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