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indian80 09.05.2010 11:26

IT Freelancer-Swiss umbrella company
Hi guys!!!

I am a IT Consultant(freelancer) from London.I got one short term contract job in Basel where client will be paying certain amount per day.

Generally,here in UK or some other countries in EU,when we work in IT freelance contract jobs like this..We will give details of one Umbrella/Billing company to the client and they give money to this Umbrella company.This umbrella company charges certain percentage of total amount paid by Client and gives the rest to us.They charge this amount to pay taxes,insurances etc on our behalf.The percentage varies depending on various factors and how much tax and social insurance we pay.(15-25%)

For this Swiss IT freelance contract job,I got to know from my recruiter that I MUST work through one swiss umbrella company as it is legal requirement in switzerland and they are going to charge around 32% of what client pays me.In return,they will register me in Kanton.But again I have to pay for my health insurance which seems like general practise in CH.

Is this information correct?Do you have any idea of anyother cheaper and reliable umbrella company which takes care of these taxes stuff for us?

I am going to live in Basel which is very near to France and Germany.Is there any other way of living in France/Germany and work in Basel and pay less taxes in this way?(32% of total amount + health insurance seems high for me)

Thanks in advance for your information.

Upthehatters2008 09.05.2010 12:10

Re: IT Freelancer-Swiss umbrella company
Search the forum for 'Umbrella company'



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