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DaniFinch 07.07.2010 21:46

Veterinary Nursing in Switzerland
I am a registered veterinary nurse (Fully qualified) in the UK and I will be moving over to Switzerland in November. I was wondering if anyone knew any vet practices that would employ an English person? I am currently learning german but my language skills are not up to scratch for the work place yet.

Many thanks,


PS I am sure this has been asked hundreds of times but how easy is it for a English person to find work (any work; bar work, in a shop, au pair etc etc) once in switzerland if they aren't fluent? Many thanks guys

AinoKari 04.04.2020 13:48

Re: Veterinary Nursing in Switzerland
Hi Dani!
Itís been long but I saw now your post some years ago, and I hope you have found a job for yourself! I actually donít have any tips or advises, but I just wanted to know wether you found a job, where and how? Iím studying at the moment in Finland as a vererinary nurse and my plan is to move to Switzerland after I graduate and Iíd love to hear some tips about finding a job! Iím studying german and I lived in Germany, but Iíd have to start in English since my German is not fluent yet.


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