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felixlechat 19.02.2011 17:20

Partying around Geneva
Been here for a while and I tried the Palace and Le Zoo at L'usine. Both were ok at best, had a good Halloween at the Zoo, but mostly because of the drunk friends we were with. All the Africanal and Reggae music is really boring. Really dissapointed with Europeans new tastes.

Any rave like environments? People getting dressed all crazy and dancing to good electro? Can be house, trance, dubstep or whatever, as long as it isn't techno or minimalist.

Are there any affordable places that don't close early (like l'usine) and offer a real party atmosphere? I'm starting to get the impression all the French Swiss are boring conservatives!

19.02.2011 17:25

Re: Partying around Geneva
go to Lausanne.

felixlechat 19.02.2011 17:29

Re: Partying around Geneva

Originally Posted by Bertrand - Geneva (Post 1109576)
go to Lausanne.

Been there, but hotels are 120 chf a night. Also, didn't find a venue just randomly wondered. Not in to megadance clubs, but more in to underground scenes. Just prefer the party atmosphere to the meatmarket one.

19.02.2011 18:25

Re: Partying around Geneva
I'm not sure Geneva has a large underground scene, there's a big problem with "clubs" unless you are "rich".

Perhaps it's something that will grow these next years, after the few manifestations we had.

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