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Uncle GroOve 25.02.2008 15:04

Band looking to play "up north"
Hello folks,
I'm currently playing (amateur) with a band based in Como that covers some interesting american rock songs from the 70-80s.
Unfortunately "down south" music appreciation is mainly reserved to Top-40 and/or "tribute bands" or to salsa nights, you get it.

So...if you know of a venue or local festival where they might be looking fr something a little off the beaten track, drop me a line! :) :)

Here's a good idea of what best represents us (they're all part of our setlist):

DoobieBros - Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
Allman Bros - Whipping Post
Gov't Mule - Bad Little Doggie
Santana - Black Magic Woman
Allman Bros - Gambler's Roll
Little Feat - Changing Luck
Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower
et cetera.

View the band on Myspace...
Thank you!

Uncle GroOve

Nathu 25.02.2008 23:58

Re: Band looking to play "up north"
A Hammond, sweet! :D

Have you considered to make an MX3 website? This is the MySpace equivalent of Switzerland, maybe you can get a couple of gig opportunities through this.

There are a couple of local festivals around here, I'll post again if I recall one that could match your style as I'm not that festival proficient. :)

Uncle GroOve 05.03.2008 22:31

Re: Band looking to play "up north"
Thank you!!


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