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Luifidor 29.01.2015 14:18

Drum players in Winterthur (Djembe, Darbuka, Drums.. etc)
Hi everybody,

I wonder if there are any fellow percussionist in the Winterthur area... I am very new at it but since a while I am the proud owner of a reasonably sized Djembe and I am missing people to learn together and maybe have some Jam sessions :)

I'd be also interested in drum set lessons, if any of you knows a good place in Winti I'll be really happy to hear it.


ximix 29.01.2015 16:36

Re: Drum players in Winterthur (Djembe, Darbuka, Drums.. etc)
One of my sisters in London is learning African drumming. Have yet to to receive the promised audio or You tube recordings yet though! :D

Try contacting this well established music shop in Winterthur for help with your requests. They sell the percussion instruments you've mentioned in your thread title. :)


There was also this website which contained some information in English: http://www.afro-percussion.ch/english.htm#art

Good luck and hope you find some others to jam with soon! :cool:

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