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swiss_in_training 24.01.2011 16:49

Kindergarten in Neu Oerlikon
Sorry if the information is out there, but I did a search and found information on Kinderkrippen only.

I live in Neu Oerlikon (near Max Bill Platz) and we're already thinking about kindergarten (yes, kindergarten, not krippe) for our, ahem, two year old. :msnblush:

In three years.

So, my questions are:

1. Anybody know the kindergarten hours for Schule Im Birch? I'm pretty sure that is where she'd go. We both work full time, and I've read about the horror of school hours...

2. How do I find out where she'd go, anyway?

3. Hort: Is it guaranteed? Cost? Is it good? I tried to look on the website, but I got an error message.

4. If you decided to use private kindergarten, how early do you need to register? Are we crazy to be thinking about this two years in advance? Okay, I know we're crazy :D.

Longbyt 24.01.2011 16:55

Re: Kindergarten in Neu Oerlikon
I don't know about Neu Oerlikon and I don't know much about two years time, but in the past I've heard of situations where the parents were only informed of which Kindergarten or School building shortly (Summer Holidays) before the child started. They often try to arrange things like 'not all the 'foreign' children in the same group' and until they know who is on their list they cannot start sorting.

Mind you, in two years time they'll probably have decided that children are to start school at the age of nine and all children from Oerlikon should go to school in the Enge and vice versa.

swiss_in_training 24.01.2011 16:58

Re: Kindergarten in Neu Oerlikon
In answer to my own question, I found this link in another thread (which my baby-addled brain had not found)

8:35-12:00 5 days per week, plus two afternoons the second year of KG only from 13:35-15:30.

source: here

Guest 10.05.2011 09:52

Re: Kindergarten in Neu Oerlikon
To the Interested Parents:

My name is Daniela Franco. I work at a bilingual, private kindergarten in Oerlikon. It is about 5min. walk from the Swiss Hotel. I am very happy to be part of such a great institution. Though you might be interested to check it out:

Kid's Island: www.kids-island.ch
They have there a Kinderkrippe from 3month-3year old kids and Kindergarten ages 3-6. It offers German in the mornings and English in the afternoons.
Opening hours: 7:30-18:30
Extra activities included in the program: Ballet/Yoga, Forest Day, Music and Swimming Class.

Hope this information helps you all! :)

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