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Re: Which kinderwagen [pram/stroller] to buy? ABC Design/Hauck etc

Found the below link with the top 10 of the combi - kinderwagens. Teutonia is apparently the best one! ABC design - the one that I had been considering, and wanted some comments on, is 9th
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Re: Which kinderwagen [pram/stroller] to buy? ABC Design/Hauck etc

Hello there!

I just thought I would share my LONG experience on the subject

Only have 1 child (2nd due in 4-8 weeks) but have gone through several...

The challenge is figuring out what you need before you actually use it. With your first child, you typically do not know as you have not used this kind of thing before and so you try to do your best to find out.

Things to consider are the following:

-usage (town-offroad): here I would say, unless you are a keen trekker, or live in the countryside, reality probably means you will do 90% city usage and once in a while you will venture offroad... so try to keep this in mind

-car or public transport: for the car, you need something that folds easily, is easily picked up (handle?) and folds compact. You also need to absolutely test it in your car to ensure it fits in a way that does not take up the whole trunk. For public tranport, you need to make sure it can enter the trams-buses etc (so not too wide) and also not too long so entering elevators is ok. Of course you would like soemthing light but reality is you also very often find people to help you (at least in Zurich) but it is important to test and see if you can by yourself handle it. With our first pram, I realized during our very first trip out that because of the way it was built, I could not lift it by myself (nowhere to put hands and lift )

-Forward and rear facing: do you wish for the pram to face mommy and then later outwards? If so, check the positions it can be put in on both sides. Our first pram in the mom facing mode would not sit up all the way and our baby hated it so we had to put her outward facing sooner than we would have liked.

-Sun shade: should be big enough to provide coverage also when the sun is a bit lower.

-Basket: if you plan to be out alot, check the basekt is a fair size and also that it is easily accessible also when child is asleep (some you cannot reach when the seat is reclined)

-Number of wheels (3 or 4?): I think this is just a matter of preference do not believe there is any particular benefit either way

-Swivel wheels: for me this is a must especially in town as it will allow you to manouver your buggy very easily

-Overall size: more than the weight I would check overall size of buggy as I believe it is better to have a slightly heavier one but compact than the other way around

-Your size: if you are tall you need something high, if you and your parter are very different sizes you need a handled that easily goes from long to short.

-Maxi Cosi adaptability: do you wish to be able to just take the maxi cosi and clip it on? I would say yes. Did not use the feature too much but incredibly handy when I needed it.

-Bassinet or not: do you want a bassinet that clips on? Or a bag for the baby to sleep? We did as I really believed that the baby is better lying down flat, and it doubles up as a bed for travelling in the first months.

A couple of other points:

-Buggy board compatible: no one told us the first time but in case you are planning more babies, try and get a pram that can fit a buggy board, this will be helpful in the future.

-Buggy vs pram: it is true that after 1 yr, we abandoned the pram and switched to the buggy. Much easier in town etc. However, we still used the pram for a whole first year, icnluding the maternity leave period of intensive usage so, even though you will most likely switch to 1 eventually, you still need a good pram for the first year.

-Buggy: here I am all for Maclaren, think nothing is best but I am sure there are other opinions It is true it cost more, but after 18 months of intensive usage, off road and snow, plane travel etc, ours is still WONDERFUL and I will defintiely use for second baby. I would not however, use from the start as I believe babaies not to be too comfy in them.

So... we sold the pram we had for first baby and do you wish to know what pram we get now for the second baby?

Teutonia Cosmo

Tried and tested it extensively and I absolutely love it as it has everything I could wish for We did not go fo rthe Mistral as it is a bit bigger and heavier and whilst we will occasionally go offroad, we are mainly city people

The test you posted is good but it dates from 2008 so many models may be out there now which were not then.

Also, the cheapest option is to buy online from another EU country, we chose www.babyonlineshop.de

Make your choice relatively fats as some take about 3 months to ship.

Hope you find your happiness!

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Re: Which kinderwagen [pram/stroller] to buy? ABC Design/Hauck etc

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Hello there!
I just thought I would share my LONG experience on the subject
My turn !
Our youngest was born when our second daughter was 18 months old, so we needed a double-pram.

We plumped for one of these, from BabyLand in Dietlikon:

It's a long pram, but comfortable for both of our girls. But it's a pain to get onto a train without anyone's help.

We have also bought a single pram from this place, just across the border in Germany. The prices are about the same as in Switzerland, but you can then claim back the 19% tax.

Another tip.
In Wintherthur, between 27 and 29 May 2011, there'll be another FamExpo, full of kids toys, clothes, food, nappies, etc:

Get there early (it gets busy!), and have a look around the stands. You'll find some of the big Swiss baby stores have 10% or 20% off vouchers to give away that are valid for the following 2-3 months.

This'll really save you money when it comes to buying a pram.

One final tip:
If you choose to buy a pram or any other baby stuff from one of the main stores (eg Mothercare) England, then buy it online through the QuidCo website.

QuidCo is the best website for anoyone living in the UK, and gives you cashback on any purchases you make through any of it's affiliates (eg Mothercare, M&S, Dell, Tesco, Hertz, Expedia etc etc etc)

I still use it today, when booking Hotels and trips. You still make your purchase through the seller's website, but by going via their link on QuidCo, you get a chunk of your cash back again later. Currently, buying from Mothercare's website via QuidCo will earn you 5% cashback.

Good luck (and I want commission on any money you save) !

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Re: Which kinderwagen [pram/stroller] to buy? ABC Design/Hauck etc

So I finally bought a Quinny.
Looked around for some deals - and found babyjoe.ch to be the best bet.

Must say we were very happy with the service - the pram arrived just the day after they received the payment, and prompt replies to any emails sent.
The pram itself is wonderful too - very easy to manoeuvre and feels quite sturdy.
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Re: Which kinderwagen [pram/stroller] to buy? ABC Design/Hauck etc

I know it 's only from 6 months old but as someone who mostly uses public transport, I am super happy with our mac laren Quest. very robust, light, very easy to fold. Excellent to be used on public transport.

oops sorry had not seen the last post. well done for your purchase!
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abc design, hauck, kinderwagen

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