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lychee 08.04.2011 10:46

Dental Voucher from School

Can you please tell me how and where to use it for children. Our kids got the voucher from the school.

Last October, I made appointments for the kids (3rd and 4th graders) to go to the dental hygienists and tried to use the voucher. The receptionist was really angry at me for trying to use it. It never occur to me that there are two separate visits (dental hygienist and dentist visits). According to her, the voucher is only for dentist visit. Back in California, we always had both visits together - my ignorance. I never imagine how could you go to have a normal visit without both together. Unless there is an issue, we make specific appointment....

I searched the forum and only found one about school dentist. Does it mean that we can only go to a specific office (Schulzahnklinik) in our town (Baden) for the voucher? Or can we go anywhere we want with the voucher? I'd like to ask for advice before the receptionist scream at me again. We have no dental insurance. I really did not intend to cheat her. I was just .. didn't know it was different here.


irish_temptation 08.04.2011 11:02

Re: Dental Voucher from School
That might be a stupid question but did you ask her? She might be able to tell you :)

As far as I remember from my childhood there was an annual visit to the dentist. I think it was a specific dentist in the town but I am not sure really whether that was paid by the school or not. But I don't think I ever had a "dental cleaning" like I have now. I just went to see the dentist, he checked my theeth, told me to brush them regularly and for 2 minutes and made sure they were not infected by caries and that was it actually. Another thing is the "Kieferorthopäde" or orthodontist if you needed braces.

But honestly why don't you just call the school and ask? what have the children be told at school? what does it say on the voucher? you can let me know by PM if you need help with German.

Klostersgirl 08.04.2011 11:10

Re: Dental Voucher from School
My children also receive these vouchers. In our area we can use any dentist we wish, although a list of local dentists is also provided. When you make the appointment, though, you need to state that you are using the school voucher. The dentist I used previously for my kids only gave them a scant 5 minute check-up.

The one I use now, though, gives them a thorough check-up and also cleans their teeth for them. I would ask around with the other Mums to see which dentist is recommended in your area.

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