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jfl 16.07.2011 18:37

Welfare while learning German?
I just spoke with a guy I know from Eastern Europe. When he arrived here, he didn't have a word of German. He did a 4 months, 9-to-5 German course. The thing is, he got some sort of loan from the canton for this period, as he obviously was precluded from working until he had enough German, and was likely broke at the time. It was a very low interest loan, or even 0%, I am not sure. He paid it back bit by bit thereafter anyway, under the terms of the loan.

Right now, I would go for that. I need to be fluent before I can apply for work, but we are under serious pressure to afford to live on one income.

Does this facility exist? It makes sense, really, as I need to make a significant (and costly) investment in myself before I can earn a wage!

Mitziem 16.07.2011 18:45

Re: Welfare while learning German?
Why don't you ask him? He should be able to give you the details.

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