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CH_Me 20.10.2011 10:58

Wanted: Car seat recomendations
Noticed today that my daughter's head is 3 cms over the top of her second car seat. She is 2 and is too young for the next stage seat with the seatbelt.

Does anyone have any recomendations for a Group 1/2 seat with a harness for tall kids? She is 2 and 92cms, so in the 95th percentile :msncrazy:
I have a Römer King.

Has anyone seen a Britax Frontier, Boulevard or Regent sold in CH?

TheCatintheHat 20.10.2011 13:09

Re: Wanted: Car seat recomendations

We have this one. Best I've had yet.

woolly 20.10.2011 13:38

Is she still in the weight range for her seat? Some good advice from Which? here, suggesting height is not problem until eyes are level with top of seat, as long as weight is in range:

swissmama 20.10.2011 22:08

Re: Wanted: Car seat recomendations
This is an awesome resource for all things car seat related: http://www.car-safety.org/

kri 21.10.2011 08:04

Re: Wanted: Car seat recomendations

We had somewhat the same issue and bought a Recaro Young sport.

Very easy to use and grows with your child as bits come off as the child gets older.

It reclines a little as well :)

And has a handle which for us was a must since we only use Mobility here.


mimi1981 21.10.2011 08:12

Re: Wanted: Car seat recomendations
My daughter is 2 and 98cms so I know where you're coming from!

I can't remember off the top of my head which car seat she has but I'll try to remember to look tonight and update my post.

Kalli 23.10.2011 22:02

Re: Wanted: Car seat recomendations
I noticed today that munchkin's head is just over the top of his seat. He's 23 months and we have the Römer King Plus - supposed to last til 4 yrs :msncrazy:

Will be looking for suggestions!

ecb 23.10.2011 22:06

Re: Wanted: Car seat recomendations

Originally Posted by TheCatintheHat (Post 1382592)

We have this one. Best I've had yet.

I had a look at this as I like the idea of being able to extend the seat in size but still stick with a 5 point harness. In Germany it is retailing around the 250 euro mark, I found a couple of online stores in France that sell it for 190 euros. In the UK it retails for £99.

How can this be? Is there a conspiracy on the continent to make parents pay as much as possible for good quality car seats?

Thinking of booking a cheap flight home so I get a weekend back with family, pick up the new car seat and still have change from what it would have cost me to buy in Germany. :msnshock:

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