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StellaBond 27.02.2012 19:15

IVF discussion
Dear ladies,

I am currently going through my 2nd cycle of IVF in Zurich (I had my 1st one in London and it failed). I am seeing Dr Singer in Kusnacht.
If you know of anyone who is going through something similar and would like to talk please pm me.
I am thinking of setting up a group for woman who are going through fertility treatments in Zurich (and around) and who would like to share their experiences with others. I was thinking of meeting once a month at someone's flat to discuss a topic regarding fertility. I am no expert but I do have hands on experience.
I know how hard it can be for some to do a fertility treatment in a foreign country and to know that you are not alone is sometimes just enough.
So Please don't be shy with your feedback and thoughts.

I am going to be posting this in other threads so I apologies in advance if you come across this message more than once!


purple207 28.02.2012 19:23

Re: IVF discussion
Great idea, i will be starting fertility treatment soon with Dr Singer. I will be more than glad to meet others who are going through this.

Nickers 29.02.2012 01:54

Re: IVF discussion
Good luck ladies. Can highly recommend Dr Singer :)

StellaBond 29.02.2012 10:27

Re: IVF discussion
Hi Purple,

Would you like to meet over coffee? I work during the day but my evenings are free. Or over the weekend. Let me know.


purple207 03.03.2012 00:04

Re: IVF discussion
Sent you a PM.

StellaBond 05.03.2012 15:04

Re: IVF discussion
did you get my last message? I would love to meet up. I work during the day but I am free in the evenings.

Let me know when best for you

Speak soon, and take car


glueck 10.03.2012 19:03

Re: IVF discussion
I sent you a private message with contact details. I am cycling IVF 1 with Dr Singer in March as well. Would be great to talk. Perhaps I will see you in the waiting room :) Good luck!

Sun flower 28.05.2012 01:38

Re: IVF discussion
Dear all, I'm happy to join in this discussions as I'm starting with a bit of frustration regarding IVF.. Please help! Is already about 1 year that I have started to check my self and my partner, all by the Zurich university hospital. They are keeping saying that is all good but, is still not happening? I also had a tube operation and i should never done it as my tubes are bouth opened. I'm starting to believe that I should move on? I'm riding about dr. Sanger and he sounds professional. Now, IVF is not covered anyway ever if I stick with the hospital? So far only one artificial insemination with not success, but lots appointments and I'm just very tired of starting again with injections and I'm not happy with consultations. One new Doctor every cicle? Is not normal is it? As you can see I'm very confused!!! Waiting for your kind replay. Thanks! :-)

swisspea 28.05.2012 09:39

Re: IVF discussion
Not wanting to minimise the realities of infertility and IVF, but I can recommend a book 'the natural way to better babies' and also seeing if you can find a 'billings method 'counsellor'. The book will give you a basic overview of the things you can be doing to improve your fertility through healthy diet, not smoking, etc. The Billings method counsellor can help you to identify the fertile periods in your cycle.

Although I did not personally experience fertility problems, my closest friend had a completely unexplained problem, after having her 'one in a million' baby conceived at the height of summer in south India, when she was very ill (only had sex once that month :o).... and then using IVF for two further pregnancies. It took her quite a long time to get taken seriously as she was under 30 and already had one child, so it was assumed there were 'no problems'. Actually her menstrual cycle was 3 weeks and she only had periods that lasted 1-2 days, so not actually 'normal'.

IVF is definitely a very expensive rollercoaster... best of luck to you!

Sun flower 28.05.2012 21:22

Re: IVF discussion
Dear swisspea, thank you for your kind replay.
I will get the book, it sounds very interesting and very enough I thing I'm quite healthy but, anything to improve my fertility anything else is always good. If there is a problem with it... of course.

Therefor we have decided to move on and why not, to speak with a specialist.
I'll try with Doctor Singer and actually I'm very looking forward to see him.

Wish you all the best! And also, fingers cross for me!

I have to say it, this English forum is brilliant! Please keep in touch anyone, will keep you updated... All my love :-)

Elia 28.05.2012 21:36

Re: IVF discussion
Hi Sunflower,

I'm just passing through the same nightmare. I don't feel like talking too much about it, but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Let's keep positive!

odissidancerkl 29.05.2012 02:37

Re: IVF discussion
I can relate to what all of you are going through. I went through 2 rounds of IVF/ICSI overseas (in Malaysia) at a fraction of the costs here. We were still living in Malaysia at that point in time and only relocated to Zurich when I was 6 months pregnant. I had to go through this route due to my age (married late in life) and male infertility factor. My first round was unsuccessful as all 13 eggs which were fertilised could not be used. I was utterly heartbroken! Miraculously my second round was successful though. I started off with a twin pregnancy though but ended up with a single pregnancy. My son is almost 7 months old now. He is such a joy to be with and all my tears, pain and sacrifices I had to make are all worth it. I would like to offer my utmost support to all of you here and wishing you all the best and may you hold your bundle of joy very soon. Stay positive ladies! If you need someone to talk to, you are most welcome to contact me. Take care now!

Annette77 01.06.2012 15:42

Re: IVF discussion
Just to say I have been through 2 rounds of IUI and 3 rounds of IVF, none of which were successful. We decided to stop trying for a bit.... And I fell pregnant naturally!! Fertility treatment is an emotional and physical rollercoaster - I didn't feel I had anyone I could speak to, all my friends and family seemed to be falling pregnant and having babies and I didn't want them to feel guilty when they saw me. I also didn't want to stress my parents. What I'm rambling on and saying really is please feel to message me if you want to chat x

Sun flower 15.09.2012 12:53

Re: IVF discussion
Dear all,
How are you?
We did it! We did the all IVF experience! We had the embryo transfer on Wednesday! I had a very heavy week, lots pain because my body doesn’t like anaesthetics very much… but feeling much better today... So, fingers cross!!
Do you know how soon usually your period should come after the embryo transfer if no success? Well I really hope it doesn’t turn up… but still… I have no idea…
I must wait 10 days… 10 looooong days b4 the blood test. :msnsick:
All my love
Sun flower :)

TheMagicBox 16.09.2012 01:23

Re: IVF discussion
Good luck, Sunflower! An IVF cycle is usually similar to a natural cycle, in that your luteal phase should be the same length. Assuming that they do things much the same as in Australia, your blood test would usually be a day or two after they expect your period to start. They usually schedule the BTs 14-16 days after egg collection (ovulation).

We did four cycles, five transfers (all in Australia), and the only times I didn't get my period before the blood test was when I was pregnant (I miscarried the first time, and had a successful pregnancy on our fifth and last attempt).

I know this is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question, but is anyone able to give me some ballpark figures on IVF costing in Switzerland? And if anything at all is covered by insurance? We are still hoping for a second child, and since it took four years and a fair amount of fertility treatment for our first, and we've been trying naturally for two years for our second, I think IVF will once again be our only hope.

Good luck to you all - I truly hope you achieve your dream. It's a long and difficult road to travel, and it is certainly a lonely one.

Sun flower 16.09.2012 12:35

Re: IVF discussion
Dear threebells,
Thank you for the fast replay. Correct! I should knew it… My blood test is 15 days after my eggs collection. Thank you! When you leave the doctor offices everything is clear but then back home so many questions arise and you can’t talk to anyone except your husband that hasn’t got clue ether… Anyway, thinking that you had 4 IVF cycles is a bit scary to me to be honest. Good on you that you succeeded! I don’t ever like thinking to do a second one? I had such painful week because the anaesthetics, my body doesn’t like it!
For your information, In Switzerland IVF is not covered by the insurance. So you can decide to do it at the hospital or go private.
I’m not sure if would be any difference between the 2 options but, we decided to go private for a good reason. I fed up with the hospital after 2 failed insemination and the reason was also because every single appointment I was meeting a new doctor. I didn’t feel secure or followed any more since every time I had to explain everything again. Also at the hospital there is a lot waiting and waiting and waiting… really they give you a time for the appointment but you need half day at list! I’m talking about university Spital in Zurich.
So private is costing us around 8,000.00 Fr plus-minus some extra appointments. What the insurance cover is 3 cycles of insemination only. Then I’m still waiting to know if they going to refund me some extra bills like blood test for example and Ovitrelle injections…
Well, indeed is expensive especially doing it again… Would be interesting how much did cost you in Australia.
Good luck to you too!! Keep in touch!
Love Sun flower :)

Nickers 16.09.2012 16:25

Re: IVF discussion
Insurance will cover about 500CHF which is an ultra sound which they put through as normal gyne appointment - My clinic sent me a bill separately for this and said this one I could send to the insurance (this was after we asked why the separate bill so be sure to ask the question) but as Sun Flower says nothing else is covered. Our full fresh cycles cost around 9k here but it depends on quantity of drugs needed - it can be less if you need less drugs.

Good luck Sun flower and threebells good luck going for your second

p.s re your period arriving, if you are taking progesterone support (crinone) which if you are with Dr Singer I assume you are then this 'should' delay your period arriving until test date. On negative cycles mine always arrives the day before test date although recently it has arrived 1 week before!

TheMagicBox 17.09.2012 05:54

Re: IVF discussion
Bearing in mind that I last cycled four years ago (actually, my last egg collection was almost four years ago to the day!), it was a fair bit cheaper in Australia than it seems in Switzerland. It was around $4.5k to the clinic (which I'd get up to 80% back through Medicare, dependent on where we were with the threshhold for that year), and then $1150 to the private hospital for collection/ET/anaesthetist ($100 or so back for the anaesthetist, the rest wasn't covered).

All up, with the various treatments etc. that we did, we spent around $25k.

They've made changes to the Medicare rebate though, so now it is far more expensive, and you get very little back - which is why we haven't done another cycle. We are very blessed to have our girl though, so the need is nowhere near as desperate as it was to become parents in the first place. Another child would just be icing on our already wonderful cake. :)

bredee 17.09.2012 10:40

Re: IVF discussion
Hi all,

Nice to read all this posts. They kind of help me,but not really:(.
My husband and I will start this whole process in october and we aren't so sure how to go about.We are anyway planning to go to Baden Kantonsspital. (wish we could see Dr. Singer too but zurich is a bit far from us,esp considering the traffic,and if there ever was an emergency afterwards...we need to be close to the hospital). Anyone with experience at Baden hospital? Or any other IVF centre closer to Schaffhausen?
Fingers crossed. hope it will work.

bredee 17.09.2012 10:41

Re: IVF discussion
And i wish you luck Sun flower.Fingers crossed for you too!

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