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childyoga 16.05.2013 15:47

Child Yoga Teaching Program - June 2013 in Zurich
Learn to Teach Children Yoga - June 13-16 2013 in Zurich
with the founder of Radiant Child Yoga Shakta Kaur Khalsa
Radiant Child® Yoga (RCY) is a comprehensive and enlightening 30 hour training program designed for anyone who is interested in teaching children yoga. Developed in 1998 by founder, Shakta Khalsa, Radiant Child Yoga was one of the first children’s yoga trainings available in the world. Radiant Child Yoga holds the vision of creating a world of peace through the union of yoga and children.
Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of RCY levels 1-3, participants will have learned to:
- Guide children/youth from 2-18 in a practice of age-appropriate yoga, relaxation, stillness, and breathing techniques.
- Use yoga practice, stories, games, songs, and brain-body movement to create lesson plans.
- Work effectively with yoga for children with SPD, ADHD, Autism, and other special needs.
- Employ co-operative communication, deep listening, and class management skills.
- Effectively use the materials that are included in the course.
- Recognize the physical and energetic development of children from infants to adults.
- Use the training experience as an opportunity for personal transformation.
- Tune into one’s own subtle awareness and deeper messaging and that of the student.
- Communicate with administrators/parents about children’s yoga for the purpose of offering classes.
- Create group presentations while in the training, and teaching an actual class with follow-up practicum after the training.
Materials Included:
RCY Manual Heart & Soul Manual
Yoga In Motion Workbook
Children’s Yoga Songs and Meditation CD
Yoga In Motion DVD
Kundalini Yoga
Fly Like a Butterfly
Deeply Relax and Meditate CD
Cozy CD
Happy CD
RCY Tote
Date: 13 - 16 June 2013
June 13: 8.30 – 17.00 (1.5 hour lunch)
June 14/15/16: 6.30 – 8.00 Sadhana (45min break) and 8.45 – 17.00 (1.5 hour lunch)
Price with downloaded CD’s: CHF 770 - early booking /CHF 870 - booking 4 weeks before the course
Price with hardcopied CD’s: CHF 830 - early booking / CHF 930 – booking 4 weeks before the course
Instructor: Founder of Radiant Child Yoga Shakta Kaur Khalsa
Contact and registration: kinderyoga@versatai.ch

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