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evianers 05.04.2015 18:51

Optic Neuritis
Very long shot this, but has anyone, anywhere any advice or encouragement for a persistent and long-standing optic neuritis? Been hospitalised three times, had copious quantities of liquid and subsequently tablet-form cortisone and still suffering from dizziness, dull ache, nausea. Opthalmologists have given up and washed their hands of me - simply don't know what else to do. Any advice would be gratefully accepted. For which, many thanks in advance.

Jack 06.04.2015 21:08

Re: Optic Neuritis
Have you gone to a neurologist? What does your GP tell you? Optic neuritis can be a sign of some sort of other health issues (like MS). Don't want to panic you and I am certainly not a doctor, but I do have some experience in this area...

Good luck...

evianers 06.04.2015 21:31

Re: Optic Neuritis
Yes thank you for your response and yes again, MS has thank heavens been ruled out. Was under the consultant neurologist when receiving copious quantities of liquid cortisone - this definitely helped, but problem still remains. If you have any further advice, please feel free to PM me - I should definitely appreciate any experience you may have had. Thank you in advance.

Sky 06.04.2015 21:38

Re: Optic Neuritis
I can only enourage you to find an optho-neurologist. It's so important. A neurologist is not enough.

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