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puddycat 05.04.2011 11:43

Re: Birth experience in Swiss hospitals/clinics -advice/tips/stories?

Originally Posted by Nil (Post 1158689)
It was only for FUNNY STORIES!

I'm not sure if this counts as a funny story, more a story of teamwork :)...

I most comfortable on the birthing ball, with my hubby behind me supporting my weight and massaging my back progressively lower as baby descended. This went on for at least 4 hours, so he was as exhausted as me. I was soooo grateful for that massaging!!


Rangatiranui 05.04.2011 12:05

Re: Birth experience in Swiss hospitals/clinics -advice/tips/stories?

Originally Posted by mimi1981 (Post 1158703)
...... at least not shut the bathroom door. Being a girl of some modesty (well at least back then before all dignity had been lost)......

thats about the size of it.

I still cant get over them still calling you "Sie" after they've had their hands up your bits..

mimi1981 05.04.2011 13:12

Re: Birth experience in Swiss hospitals/clinics -advice/tips/stories?

How tall is your ex? :eek:
He's not short that's for sure.

I'm not going to go into further details though as how it happened as last time I did something like that I ended up in "EF post of the day" :msnblush:

Faye 02.05.2011 15:06

Hirslanden or Bethanien
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has given birth in both(or one) of these hospitals (Bethanien Klinik, Hirslanden Klinik in Bagristl? What made you chose between them/ or the particular hospital? Any advise/comments will be highly appreciated.


Tilia 02.05.2011 15:08

Re: Hirslanden or Bethanien
I had a choice between these two clinics and chose Hirslanden. I don't remember why though :-) I was very happy with Hirslanden and can warmly recommend it.

Guest 02.05.2011 15:34

Re: Hirslanden or Bethanien
Another thumbs up for Hirslanden. Courteous and attentive staff and they let me have a beer after busting a gut in the delivery suite.

Upthehatters2008 02.05.2011 16:54

Re: Hirslanden or Bethanien

Another thumbs up for Hirslanden. Courteous and attentive staff and they let me have a beer after busting a gut in the delivery suite.


Walked in and got immediate attention. Spoke English, 3 staff dealt with me, no waiting times. I could not have asked for better care.

02.05.2011 19:14

Re: Hirslanden or Bethanien
I have experience with Hirslanden and can only but recommend it. The decision point was their neonatology department - so if need be they have it in house. Other hospitals would rely on the one at Unispital, which means a transport in a possible critical condition. Not that I was anticipating something during the birth, but one never knows.

Faye 03.05.2011 09:21

Re: Birth experience in Swiss hospitals/clinics -advice/tips/stories?
Thank you all for your replies!

Moti 03.12.2011 22:09

Re: Birth experience in Swiss hospitals/clinics -advice/tips/stories?
Hello everybody,

This is my first time using this website. I have got a question and hope some of you can offer an answer:

My girlfriend and I are expecting a baby in March next year. We are not married and we intend to remain this way. I live in Switzerland on a B permit and basic health insurance. My girlfriend lives in E.U and she only wants to come here deliver the baby. Do any of you know if in this case she has to pay the expenses on her own? do the government pay anything at all? can my insurance cover anything even though we are not officially married?

I appreciate any kind of suggestions>>

Thank you

Nukles 01.04.2016 14:29

Re: Birth experience in Swiss hospitals/clinics -advice/tips/stories?
I read that in Switzerland you have to ask one year earlier to your insurance to be put into a private warden in the hospital, this is because they want to avoid people willing the private warden only to give birth and then not anymore.

However, I was wondering, if you plan to have a high franchise, is it worth to pay the insurance for 1 year and then get the private warden if and when you get pregnant, or is it less expensive to just pay that when you give birth out of your pocket?

qomototoro 19.04.2018 21:30

Re: Birth experience in Swiss hospitals/clinics -advice/tips/stories?
I am due in June and just ended up choosing a hospital 30km away from me... this will be my first baby. Does anyone think the distance is too far or is it acceptable? Without traffic itíll be half an hourís drive and with traffic maybe 45-50 mins.

TheLaughingCow 15.06.2018 18:10

Re: Birth experience in Swiss hospitals/clinics -advice/tips/stories?
From beginning to end we both thought that the pre-natal and post-natal care was excellent. Overall, we had a positive birth experience.

I mentioned in the 'what to expect..' thread that I hired a personal Midwife that would be with me throughout the pregnancy, the labor, and after the birth during recovery. I was really happy that I did that. It was just really nice to have someone we knew with us the whole time , and available to contact when needed.

The OBGYN I was assigned ( who did all the ultrasounds etc. ), and staff at the hospital were also excellent. Everyone was so friendly. No one was pushy, and we really felt like people cared about how we were all doing.

One thing we noticed was that during the pregnancy, doctor's had a hands off approach, and didn't require so many visits. It was nice actually, but maybe that's not the case for everyone. We didn't have any complications until the very end. So, perhaps that's why. When complications did arise, everyone took things seriously, and we felt well cared for, safe and listened to.

The hospital stay was like staying at a 5 star hotel, lol.

Midwives only came when called, or told us ahead of time if a test/check needed to be done. They didn't come into the room all hours of the night/day.

Our baby was with us from the moment of birth, and in the room the whole time. When she was checked by the Midwives or pediatrician we were always with her. The hospital provided baby clothes for her to wear as well, while we were there.

After we arrived home, the Midwives came to visit us and check me and the baby. It's really nice to be able to stay at home for check-ups instead of going to multiple office visits.

The only thing that was slightly not good was having to deal with all the insurance claims. However, if you have a good insurance then it shouldn't be a problem. And even with our insurance, everything was eventually paid ! Amazing ! :) lol All of the hospital bills and midwife bills were billed directly to insurance. The only bills I received were for lab tests. My insurance required me to pay first and then be reimbursed, and eventually everything was sorted.

My biggest tip would be to have a good insurance provider before getting pregnant.

Thanks to all on EF that shared their experience, tips and recommendations. the information I got from the ladies (and gentlemen ) here helped everything go smoothly.

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