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keksli 25.05.2015 19:51

Adult acne
I'm seeking advice concerning adult acne. Has anyone here been able to get rid of it? What did you do/which medication did you take?
After about a year of peace, my acne is starting to show up again :( I will make an appointment with my dermatologist, but for the meantime...

This is my history: Before 20, I had really clear skin. Then I suddenly started breaking out. I had hundreds of tiny red/white-ish bumps on my t-zone. It looked like a rash. My forehead was really shiny, but at the same time it was so dry that I couldn't cover it up with make-up, because it would go into all the creases and look awful. On my cheeks I would occasionally get large hard pimples, which would stay there for weeks.

I had my hormones and blood checked and everything was fine, so the doctors didn't know what the cause was. I decided to wait a year to see if it would clear up on it's own.
It did not, and so I went to the dermatologist again. He suggested the pill, but I didn't want to, so for two years I tried all kinds of topical remedies (natural and medical).
Nothing helped and so I gave in to the pill. I took Diane-35 and my skin finally cleared up. Since this medication isn't meant to be taken forever, I stopped after a year.
My skin stayed clear for another year, and then the acne came back. The doctor said it was normal for the skin to 'worsen' a bit after stopping the pill, but it should improve after a few months. So I waited another year.
But again, it would not get better. So I went back on the pill. I've been taking it for ten months now and suddenly my forehead is starting to flare up again even though I never stopped taking it!

I don't know what to do anymore :(:confused: I'm 26 and people think I'm 17, because I look very young in general and with the acne people think I'm a teen going through puberty :eek:

I'm currently taking Diane-35 and Skinoren cream, but it's been getting worse since last week.

fareehasharafat 26.05.2015 10:14

Re: Adult acne
May be check for symptoms for PCOS.

pickles 26.05.2015 10:24

Re: Adult acne
Try Tea tree oil (body shop)

Guest 26.05.2015 10:30

Re: Adult acne

Originally Posted by keksli (Post 2394732)
I don't know what to do anymore :(:confused: I'm 26 and people think I'm 17, because I look very young in general and with the acne people think I'm a teen going through puberty :eek:

Whatever you do, don't pick or scratch them, as that could cause much longer term scarring. The age stigma is the last of your worries, so don't worry about that. Maybe you should consult with a dermatologist is something like accutane is right for you. It is oral medication, and can change your body chemistry a bit. The doctor will need to make sure your cholesterol level is appropriate for the treatment.

I don't know how bad it is, but I assume red acne spots are inflamations, and perhaps some anti-inflammation medicine might work. I found eye-drops made for removing redness helps with spots of pimples. Also, perhaps consider an anti-inflammation diet. I notice a ketogenic diet cleared up my complexion.

Lastly, try not to touch your face with your fingers.

Winterthur 26.05.2015 10:37

Re: Adult acne
Chocolate can bring acne. Most people do not know this.

While the reason may be unclear for you, this could be helpful:
cleaning your face with 95 % alcohol, then put on a face cleaning gel
and let it dry.

It does not take away the reason, but it sure gives good results.

smackerjack 27.05.2015 19:18

Re: Adult acne
I was always lucky that I never suffered from acne in my teens. In my early 20s I came out with a lot of acne around my chin with no cause - like you I had tests and creams but nothing worked.
I moved house and changed Drs, and when I went to the surgery about something else the Dr drew attention to my spots. She wrote me a prescription for a course of anti-biotic tablets and it cleared up within a couple of weeks.
Hope that you find a solution :)

robbysue 27.05.2015 20:02

Re: Adult acne
I had a significant problem with adult acne, T-zone but mostly my chin. And like you, I had rather clear skin when I was young. It got particularly bad around 33 and lasted until 35. I finally solved my acne problem, for good I think, by going almost vegan. I cut out animal proteins, egg, meat, and dairy but not fish, and most processed food, for completely different reasons and my skin has never been better. 3 years now and I only get acne when I eat cheese or something. And not just on my face. I used to have this rough skin on my upper arm and I could never figure out what it was. I just thought well that's just the way it was. But that's cleared up too. It's crazy really. I then read somewhere that your skin, as an organ, is the last to receive nutrients. It seems to me that my skin hates diary and processed food especially. Maybe you could check your diet?

CathHarmony 29.05.2015 10:16

Re: Adult acne
you could try this,
i recently changed my diet and my skin went nuts. i came across this stuff looking for a nut free shampoo/cleaser ('nut free' in the literal sense ;)) because i have a suspicion coconut is causing me problems and most natural cleansers use derived coconut ingredients,

logon lavaerde, reviews on amazon here

as a hair shampoo, the jury is still out, but skin, especially face, almost immediately much better, you're probably thinking, put mud on my spotty face, next, but it appears to work, you can find it in alnatura (migros), i mixed mine with aloe vera juice, also at alnatura, both in small sizes so if it doesn't work no great loss, about 9chf each

good luck

vatalia 29.05.2015 10:29

Re: Adult acne
Hi there, i was recently at my beauty salon and while waiting i saw a customer leaving who just had some sort of skin treatment. He did mention that after trying diets, medicaments and all other sort of stuff the only thing that seems to be helping is the skin treatment offered there... perhaps you could find out a bit more about their offer?

if you want let me know and i'll send you their details, not sure the name of the treatment but the lady at the salon speaks fluent English.

keksli 30.05.2015 23:25

Re: Adult acne
Thanks for all your replies! It's actually gotten better without me doing anything. It must have been some sort of allergic/over-sensitive reaction to somthing.

@pickles: I used to use the body shop's tea tree oil for the big pimples. Great stuff, can recommend to anyone who has the occasional random spot.

@robbysue: Yeah, I should probably check my diet :p I don't think I've developed any allergies, but I haven't been eating very balanced lately. I actually already don't eat much meat or dairy products, but I should try to eat more vegetables.

Sbrinz 26.01.2016 10:29

Re: Adult acne
There are good doctors and poor doctors. You seem to have given up with the medical route. I suggest you ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist, (which he should know about).

In the Insel Hospital in Bern there is a department just for skin, it is our biggest organ.

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