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NKJune 13.11.2015 22:24

Thank you!

I'm just back to here. Thank you for your concern including some messages that I missed.

After leaving this thread, I have recovered and got some new ideas to survive the life here.

You might have known, Switzerland is not easy to live. But I also believe that it is the safest place in the west Europe.

I wish your happiness.

AliceInWinterland 13.11.2015 22:59

Re: I don't want to do anything.
Very glad to hear it.
All the best.

smackerjack 13.11.2015 23:30

Re: I don't want to do anything.
Glad that you came back NKJune and told us how you are coping as I know a lot of us always follow some threads and like to know how things are - especially for anyone having a tough time.
Best of luck in the future :)

Guest 13.11.2015 23:31

Re: I don't want to do anything.
Good to hear you are ok. All the best

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