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Rockyscud 29.01.2017 19:55

UK married nationals adopting in Switzerland
Hi all.
New to the forum, have been reading for a while and can see its a wealth of knowledge and shared experience so decided to post to see if I can get some pointers to a personal journey the wife and I are on (I have searched for info but can't find anything that matches our specifics).

We both have offers of employment in Zurich and Zug (probably live in Zug) and while this is an amazing and exciting opportunity for both of us its timing is 'possibly' not great.

We have both decided that we want to adopt (after a long and painful journey that led to us realising this is our only option for children). We now find ourselves at a crossroads, stay here in the UK and complete the adoption process or go for the Swiss offers and complete the Swiss adoption process ( we are both more than happy / delighted to adopt Swiss children).

My question (if anyone doesn't mind sharing their experience ) is

1. How would the Swiss adoption authorities view our application being fresh into Switzerland and at this point neither of us speaking German. We are in our early 40s, career types and no worries for financial stability - in the UK we would be seen as ideal candidates.
2. Can someone please send me a link to Swiss adoption services as I can't seem to find it (I can find agencies)
3. What is the Swiss process?

We could wait here in the UK and adopt with a view to move to CH after that however the UK process is at least 2 years (circa) and we both have amazing career opportunities now that we'd like to try and explore that may not present in 2 years.

Huge thanks and appreciation in advance to any advice given.

Medea Fleecestealer 29.01.2017 20:08

Re: UK married nationals adopting in Switzerland
Well, you both have to be at least 35 or have been married for at least 5 years.

Adoption by a couple

If you are a couple wishing to adopt a child, you should:
•have been married for at least five years or both be at least 35 years old
•both be at least 16 years older than the child.

More info on the whole thing here:


Whether there would be any language requirements may depend on which canton you'll be living in. Best to contact the relevant authorities in Zurich and Zug and see what they say.

Rockyscud 29.01.2017 20:35

Re: UK married nationals adopting in Switzerland
Thanks Media, did see that and pass all,of these requirements

3Wishes 29.01.2017 20:44

Re: UK married nationals adopting in Switzerland
Here are some older threads that also might be of interest, depending on whether you choose to adopt in the UK or CH. Not all are exactly like your situation but I still think there's some good food for thought in these. :)






Chuff 29.01.2017 20:48

Re: UK married nationals adopting in Switzerland
Do you think it would be ideal to allow a UK couple fresh into the country to adopt a Swiss and German-speaking child... when the parents don't have Swiss nationality or permanent residency, and don't speak any German? For all the authorities know you may be planning to leave again in a year or two, and that would mean a lack of stability for an adopted kid who was otherwise born and raised here thus far in life.

By all means go for it, but I would be surprised if the authorities saw that as anything approaching an ideal situation.

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