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milsam 07.01.2019 19:02

Pharmacy in Germany or FR
I need to buy some medicine not covered by my insurance.
Some people mentioned that it's cheaper in Germany or France.

Any recommendations?


roegner 07.01.2019 20:00

Re: Pharmacy in Germany or FR
Buy it online and have it sent to a Paketshop. I use Apo-Rot in Hamburg.

fatmanfilms 07.01.2019 20:49

Re: Pharmacy in Germany or FR
You need to check the price of each & every medicine, I have had almost identical pricing in CH/DE but 30% cheaper in France.

Superdrug in the UK have selected branches with a Pharmacy, private prescriptions are at cost, 6 months supply under 11 v over 20 CHF A MONTH!

roegner 07.01.2019 20:51

Re: Pharmacy in Germany or FR
Good point FMF, you can also check iherb or swansons etc

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