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Kalpz 24.06.2020 11:23

Re: Gastroenterologist recommendations and test costs
From my experience, i think a sudden bout of stress triggered my issue with Lactose. Am therefore Lactose free now, but there are other things to think about too, i.e. as mentioned, Gluten, Fructose all sorts of other elements.

Maybe do the Allergy Tests too, just to see if there is something else that you did not know about that is causing you issues.

Change the diet, or try the trial and elimination process with certain things you have been trying to eat and write it down. Dont forget that after you have eaten something it could take hours/next day (or even longer) to show symptoms.

When you go to do the colonoscopy etc they will ask you to note down everything your eating, like a diary. So, maybe make a head start now.

If its a Dietary issue (and am not saying it is, but just my experience), its a long road to find the correct diet. There will be times where you slip up and eat something your not supposed to, but its a learning curve.

There are always solutions, stay positive and you will find the help and a way to deal with this.

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