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Eshy 16.01.2020 11:17

Help with Eating Addiction/Disorder
I thought I had posted yesterday, but don't see it appearing today.

Anyway, I posted in November requesting any information about people who had success with hypnosis to treat addictions in the Zurich area. There still hasn't been any response.

So I will broaden my question and ask if anyone has had good results for treating eating disorder. My partner has a very deeply developed food addiction, which results from childhood experiences. She was very successful with hypnosis in another country, but now we have moved. She is experiencing some serious health problems and our family doctor seems to have little to offer beyond the advice to try harder.

I'm really worried and would like a professional we can trust.
Thank you for any help.

meloncollie 16.01.2020 11:25

Re: Help with Eating Addiction/Disorder
I'm afraid I can't offer any personal advice, but here is an umbrella group that might be a helpful resource:

Schweizer Gesellschaft für Essstörungen

If you click on 'Addressen' you will find a list of therapy providers by canton. There are also filters to help narrow your search.

Hope your partner finds the help she needs.

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