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Marog 01.07.2020 00:37

Shielding in Switzerland
Is there an equivalent of shielding for Vulnerable people in Switzerland like in the UK ? do shielders get any additional support ?

swisspea 01.07.2020 00:48

Re: Shielding in Switzerland
in our local town, the social and community services made a big effort during lockdown - and recruited local volunteers.

My husband signed up as a volunteer to take elderly people at the local nursing home for a walk. With specific distancing restrictions and at that time no visitors allowed, it was a chance to walk in the garden, get some exercise and chat (from a distance). basically he was there to 'run' and alert the nurses if there was any help needed. It's been absolutely fine.

What sort of specific support were you thinking of ?

me.anon 01.07.2020 08:02

Re: Shielding in Switzerland
The local Social Service can organise the following categories of "guardian"

A Beistand - for someone who need some specific help e.g coping with administration tax forms, difficulty managing money.

A Vormund - for someone not legally allowed to act for themselves (usually minors, but also can apply to adults)

Marog 01.07.2020 09:52

Re: Shielding in Switzerland
Planning to move to zurich by October. My wife has leukemia, I am a little worried about being out and about. I can work remotely till this is over and I plan to drive over. I plan to come over first and look for house rentals, vehicle and sim cards etc. Quarantine and then drive over.

From what I hear the situation in Switzerland is a bit better then in the UK. The cases are lower.

Except for visiting an Oncologist our exposure can be controlled.
In the UK she gets guaranteed grocery delivery slots for all the supermarkets so no need to step out except to visit doctors.

Belgianmum 01.07.2020 10:41

Re: Shielding in Switzerland
We had a phone call from our commune office at the start of the confinement asking if we needed any help with grocery shopping etc.
They have a volunteer service that does all kinds of things for vulnerable people at all times, not only during the pandemic. They stepped it up during the two month ‘lockdown’ though.

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