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mot82 01.09.2020 23:34

Traveling to Cyprus
i m traveling to Cyprus in 10 days but just realized that visitors from Switzerland should have negative COVID test from recognized lab:


Updated list of country categories: https://www.visitcyprus.com/index.ph...ravel-protocol

Any suggestion where shall i take this test and how much does it cost? I live in Switzerland and I have the max deductible 2500.

If it's too expensive, I might consider taking it there for 60 Euros but i will have to quarantine and lose 24 hours of the trip.

bowlie 02.09.2020 09:11

Re: Traveling to Cyprus
Call you health insurance provider, I'm sure they can point you in the right direction. Or your local Hospital.

mot82 06.10.2020 19:53

Re: Traveling to Cyprus
I ended up doing it in the clinic in HB for 170 CHF. If you go to unilabs directly you could do it for 120 CHF (the HB clinic acts as middle man getting kind of a commission, but in the background they just send it to unilabs as well), but you really need to book in advance (now) if you would go to unilabs to get the test on the right day (72 hours before going). They have very limited tests there per day.

Please, let us know when you come back how was the weather mid October, i might consider it for next year as well .. it's awesome beach location :)

mot82 08.10.2020 07:51

Re: Traveling to Cyprus
Oh but it seems that Switzerland now was put in category C countries which means IIUC that in addition to the test you would have to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival:


When I went last month Switzerland was yet in category B countries where no quarantine was needed.

I guess it would be a good idea for you to double check how it would be for you.

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