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Talk to you later 30.11.2020 11:17

Retina specialist recommendation
Could you please recommend a retina specialist in Zurich region?

Sean Connery 30.11.2020 11:27

Re: Retina specialist recommendation
speaks English

Talk to you later 30.11.2020 11:42

Re: Retina specialist recommendation

Originally Posted by Sean Connery (Post 3244517)
speaks English

I have heard mixed things about that place. Nothing negative about that particular doctor though.

SirenSong 13.12.2020 19:31

Re: Retina specialist recommendation
This clinic is solid, I've gone there for my own eye check ups and the doctor speaks english well and seems to know his stuff. I've had issues with a near retinal detatchment in the past, so they deal with more than just glaucoma.


ennui 13.12.2020 19:39

Re: Retina specialist recommendation
There’s also Roman Windisch in Winterthur. He’s got a big practice, but his specialty is retina stuff. I don’t think you need a referral.

Uni Zürich has a good rep, but you need a referral.

Do you have a regular ophthalmologist?

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