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Psyk 22.03.2007 01:28

English speaking Gynaecologist in Luzern
My girlfriend asked me to write a post on here to ask if anyone can recommend a FEMALE ENGLISH SPEAKING Gynaecologist in LUZERN.

Note to admin bods... I'm not sure if this is in the right section, maybe a Health section of the forum might be a good idea. Also what about creating a section where members can recommend doctors and other various services?

ecm 22.03.2007 21:31

Re: English speaking Gynaecologist in Luzern
I can recommend Dr Marina Etienne-Turchi, 041 410 70 66. She is at Alpenstr 1, Luzern. She is great, really easy going.

Im not sure if she is taking new patients or not. When I first moved to Luzern I had just had a baby and was looking for a new Gyno for my 6wk check up. I rang about 6 places before anyone would take me, so just be prepared for that. Sometimes they only take new patients if they are pregnant.

jemowat 15.08.2009 08:30

Re: English speaking Gynaecologist in Luzern
Unfortunately she is not taking any new patients :( Does anyone know of another English speaking gynaecologist in Luzern? Thank you very much!

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