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93researcher 15.06.2009 15:19

peanut allergy
Hi all,
We are new to Basel and have got our health insurance sorted. We are yet to register with a paediatrician (for our daughter, 2.5years old). She has peanut allergy but so far has had only mild reactions and hence hasn't got an epipen. My worry is that she may have a serious reaction if she does accidentally manage to ingest enough amount of peanut (so far she has had only tiny amounts of peanut accidentally)

I am looking for advice from anyone with personal experience with children with allergies:
1. is there a particular doctor or paediatrician in basel you would recommend (a doctor with experience in allergies)
2. I do not speak any german- can I manage in emergency situations or are there any critical phrases I should learn to communicate with health staff?
3. What have been your experiences when allergic reactions occured in your children?

Many thanks in advance

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