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CK7 24.10.2009 15:03

Vaccine at Apotheke?
Hi I was at the local chemist when I saw a leaflet about vaccines being given at local chemists (Apotheke) The website www.impfberatung.ch gives more information and list of chemists taking part. However my german is not good enough to understand the details. Is it just during a few weeks? Are they offering them for free?Are they suggesting that if you are an adult and did not receive them as a child you can get them now? I am just interested in what they are offering. Thx

Uncle Max 24.10.2009 16:24

Re: Vaccine at Apotheke?
They would assess your Immunisation records to see if you're up to date with everything, as not all jabs are life long. I highly doubt it's for free. Best bet would be to discuss this issue with your family doctor on the next visit. Getting medical records sorted is a bit of a pain.

10:30 24.10.2009 22:55

Re: Vaccine at Apotheke?
Holy Cow that all sounds complicated. I can't even imagine the horrors of getting the correct paperwork to show the pharmacist so they could tell me if I'm still vaccinated.

The gist of the matter is: you tell them when you last got jabbed, they tell you when your next jab is due. I agree with the poster above - your doctor can give you the same information at your next checkup.

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